European Freelancers Week, un’occasione per farsi conoscere!

download  European Freelancers Week was inspired by several local events in different countries. In Italy, the first Freelance Day was held in 2013 in Torino, supported by ACTA. In the United Kingdom, IPSE has long organized National Freelancers Day. It’s time independent workers across Europe got their own similar events!

In 2016 a group of activists from several EU freelancers organizations got together to plan EFW. The idea was to create a single week in which many events would take place in different cities across Europe with the common goal of bringing together independent professionals. Events could be proposed by anybody, as long as they gave freelancers the chance to inspire, connect, learn, promote, co-create and get active.

The events will inspire freelancers to join together to improve their independent careers through learning, skill sharing, networking and political action.

Anyone can propose an event to be added to the calendar. Event formats include talks, workshops and networking sessions.

The first EFW will be held from October 17 – 23 2016. Get involved!

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